Monday, August 4, 2008

Alefs in Wonderland (I wish I thought of it)

My dear readers, I, as your blogger, never make any demands upon you, but today, I must. It is imperative that you hit the link below and explore the work of Josh Baum. Since the start of Judaica Journal, I have displayed papercut art... but none have been as original as those of this artist. I show you but two of his pieces... a paper cut name tree (Na'ama) and a miniature sofer/scribe at work at his table. Think of these pieces at just an appetizer... dive into the website for dinner and dessert.

Alefs in Wonderland was started by theartist Josh Baum, to produce highly original art inspired by the beauty of the Hebrew letters.The vision is to introduce a lightnessand sense of play into traditionalJewish art forms such as calligraphy,manuscript illumination and paper cutting.


Kathi said...

I sent the link to a friend who is a Soferet. She was blown away by the wee mini scribe

Debbie Harris said...

Wonderful site. We bought a print of his "Mizmor shir" when we were in Tzfat las summer - it's magnificent.