Wednesday, June 18, 2008


This 25ish year old Canadian Jewess dabbles in knitting, crocheting, beading, lip balm.... and SHRINKY DINKS!!!! I would love to see her do more with this medium... Don't you LOVE*** this AHAVA pendant???

Here in the states, as the dollar weakens and gas prices rise, one cannot help but notice that our wallets are shrinking (or at least the money in it is)... We all know that being Jewish is expensive... but did you ever realize how much it costs? Take a peak at this article.
This is a tidbit (I shrunk the article )from Lisa Katz's piece:

Professor Gerald Bubis estimated that American Jewish families today require $25-$35,000 a year of discretionary income for intensive Jewish experiences. Intensive Jewish experiences refers to synagogue membership, Jewish Center membership, Jewish day school and camp experiences, Federation donations, kosher food and more.

Bubis estimated average costs for an American Jewish family with two school-age and camp-age children:
Synagogue Membership = $1,100
Day School (two children) = $22,000
Day Camp (two weeks, two children) = $1,200
Resident Camp (one month, two children) = $5,000
Jewish Community Center = $500
Minimal Federation gift = $200
Total (not including cost of kosher food) = $30,000

***AHAVA means Love in Hebrew

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