Monday, June 30, 2008

Jewish Geography- A LA Linked-in!

Janine Sopp wrote me recently after I Linked In to her. She wrote a polite note asking from where we were acquainted. Where else? Judaica Journal! I adore the connections I have made on JJ... and hope to make many more. The email gave Janine an opportunity to show me some of her new work and it propelled me to her website. There I learned more about her... and realized how young she is! Enjoy perusing her work; I sure did.
Janine creates one of a kind pieces and collections in her home furnishings and accessory design studio in Brooklyn, NY. With a degree in Fashion Design, she spent the first seven years of her artistic career designing clothing and textiles. With this rich and varied experience Janine traveled across Europe and ultimately Morocco. There she evolved and uncovered her deeper artistic vision, desires to mold clay and her life’s work as a ceramic artist.

Drawn to the responsiveness of clay and a passion for colour and texture, Janine creates various collections inspired by her travels. The "Moroccan Collection" has recognizable elements of mosaic decoration and Moorish colours. The colour palette from Italian fresco paintings and surface designs of Spain and Portugal influences the "Terra Cotta Collection". White washed buildings of Italy and the Greek Islands and the architectural details of these regions are the inspirations behind the "Mediterranean Collection".

Her sculptural Raku pieces containing elements of doorways, passages and windows recollect the seductive medinas of Morocco and the Middle East. These mysterious sculptures are freestanding architectural forms she calls "temples," and the wall relief pieces are called "wall temples." Both are ancient and modern at the same time, giving this work an ageless quality which transcends culture and time.

This work can be viewed in her Glyph Designs Showroom, in Brooklyn, NY

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