Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coat of a different color

My dear friend Susan explored a website better than I had (having sent her the original URL)... and she found this fragile version of Joseph's Coat of Many Colors.

Carol Cohen is an artist who tells us "I paint on glass because I cannot paint on air." You can either see her work at Susan's Daily Art Muse or back at Carol's website. I suggest you begin to explore them now!


Anonymous said...

talk about goose bumps and drool. Her stuff is amazing. I would kill to watch ehr work!

Anonymous said...

Toby...I love this image; just amazing work! That Susan has an ability to find such treasures...

I came to your blog looking for your email addy to send you a kind thank you for showing Susan my new work :) What an awesome surprise to find I'd be on her blog...thanks so much, m'dear..