Thursday, April 24, 2008

Can you see what I am thinking about?

Cadena Dolls are the irresistible creation of doll makers Linda Miller and Roderick Smith whose marriage in 1981 created Cadena Studios. Combining their individual talents Linda and Roderick create dolls who's winsome faces, tailored clothes and handcrafted accessories cause comment and conversation wherever they are displayed. Linda began her doll making career at the age of nine with the encouragement of her grandmother Maria Cadena. She later studied photography and fabric design at the Instituto Allende in Mexico. Her lifelong fascination with the human face is evident in her dolls which sparkle with wit and have a look of secret understanding.

Roderick Smith overseas a studio which crafts the detailed props and accessories which are the mark of The Cadena Doll. He is educated in fine arts with a BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology has studied at the Art Students League and the National Academy of Design in New York and at the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, Mexico.

In 1984 Linda made a journey to Israel where for the first time she saw the part of her life that had been missing. She met the Jewish people. Her father Abraham Miller, a Polish Jew from Bialystok, died when she was only six. Upon return from Israel she embarked on the exploration and design of Jewish Folk Dolls for which she has earned many awards and countless letters of appreciation.


marciad said...

Love the doll. My uncle owned three bakeries and I watched him make bagels by hand when I was a child. You can't imagine the delight in getting to eat a bagel that is still warm from the baker's oven.

Kathi said...

ooooh bagels. yep, it's about that time of Pesach where the bread cravings kick in. I miss my cinnamon toast!!