Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hayyei Sarah Bereishit 23.1-25.18

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Biblical and Jewish theme in combination with the magnificent landscapes of the Land of Israel are the sources of inspiration that Ellen Horowitz of the Golan Heights draws upon when she creates her original paintings, prints and posters. "Rivkah represents the Jewish Mother in her full capacity to understand how her actions and labors have a direct bearing on whether or not her children realize their full potential for good or for evil -an awesome responsibility! It’s interesting to note that Rivka’s death is not recorded in Tanach. Perhaps it’s because Rivka never dies. She’s alive and well and living within every Mother of Israel."

Sarah dies at age 127 and is buried in the Machpeilah Cave in Hebron, which Abraham purchases from Ephron the Hittite for 400 shekels of silver. Abraham's servant, Eliezer, is sent laden with gifts to Charan to find a wife for Isaac At the village well, Eliezer asks G-d for a sign: when the maidens come to the well, he will ask for some water to drink; the woman who will offer to give his camels to drink as well, shall be the one destined for his master's son. Rebecca, the daughter of Abraham's nephew Bethuel, appears at the well and passes the "test". Eliezer is invited to their home, where he repeats the story of the day's events. Rebecca returns with Eliezer to the land of Canaan, where they encounter Isaac praying in the field. Isaac marries Rebecca, loves her, and is comforted over the loss of his mother. Abraham takes a new wife, Keturah (Hagar) and fathers six additional sons, but Isaac is designated as his only heir. Abraham dies at age 175 and is buried beside Sarah by his two eldest sons. Isaac and Ishmael.

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