Friday, September 28, 2007

Shabbat in the Sukkah...

Every time I think I have exhausted my ability to find a new artist I surprise myself with a novel discovery! Lynne Feldman of Rochester NY was an oil painter but the proximity of her studio to a Fabric Store inspired her to dabble in Fabric Collage. Thank goodness for LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!!! Lynne describes her process: I begin each piece as I would an oil painting by stretching canvas over wooden stretchers strips. The entire composition for the work is then drawn onto the canvas in charcoal. Fabric is then cut and pieced to fit into the shapes of the drawing as well as painted with acrylic paints. I layer the work back and forth with fabric and paints until the surface of it is thick and rich in color, pattern and texture. When the collage is completed, it is removed from the stretchers and sewn onto a colorful fabric backing. Tabs (much like those on curtains) are sewn onto the top and the piece is suspended from a brass rod. The finished piece can be suspended from a ceiling or loosely from a wall. The effect of this kind of display is a gentle undulation in the fabric as in more conventional tapestries.

And for your Sukkot reading pleasure buzz on over to J. to read a story about Jews, Bears and why the two should never meet in a Sukkah (which reminds me if you have not read Once Upon a Shabbos you really need to do so).

And remember: Honey, honey. Sweet as Shabbos!

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