Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I have to admit, I was feeling a bit uninspired... Looking for something to post about for a while.

WEDDINGS. LOVE. MARRIAGE. While it is forbidden to marry during the Omer, there is not a prohibition against PLANNING your wedding (or engagement). For the next few weeks lets think WEDDING.

I googled the word Shidduch and found there were over 46000 sites. Apparently the World Wide Web is very involved in matrimony.

I am trying to recall my single days (the early part of the last decade) and I remember many a blind date. I was lucky to find my "nice Jewish boy who read books" but the search was long and arduous.

I recall that among the hardest part of my (series of ) first dates was dressing the part (fashion has never been my strength). A few of my first dates were at temple... I would carefully choose my outfit, and then choose just the right piece of Jewelry to go along with it (one must always let one's dear ones know what you like).

Here are some pieces I like... They were made by Steve Cooper- a man I knew in my single days. He and his wife Karen worked at Camp Kutz for years and I remember when they announced that they were getting married.. I was so happy to find Steve's work on line. I am thrilled to share these with you today. I have to find out if Steve is making wedding rings!


ggggg said...

Try googling "divorce". see if it has more sites than shidduchim! lol

DrMom said...

Sad, so sad.