Friday, February 9, 2007

Mazal tov

The daughter of one of my oldest friends is becoming a bat mitzvah this weekend. I remember being at my friend's bat mitzvah some 30 or so years ago.
In honor of this young lady, I would like to share something I believe would be a wonderful gift for a Jewish teen- a yad. A yad is the pointer which is used when reading the Torah in order to keep ones place but more importantly to keep the dirt and oils from one's hands from soiling the handwritten scroll. The Velveteen Rabbi writes a wonderful post about choosing the right yad.

This yad by Debra Adelson is for the teenager who is a bit on the funky side... it is combination of silver and acrylic.

And for the the beautiful young lady on her very special day... crystal yadim from Adaya

So Mazal tov to the young lady who makes her parents so very proud! Let's give her a hand!

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