Friday, March 2, 2007

Ma yafeh hayom

What a beautiful day is Shabbat! And how lucky we are that there a wonderful artists like Sharon Geller-Metal who create such phenomenal objects to grace our table. Earlier this week I showed you her grogger and today I want you to feast your eyes on some of her pieces for Shabbat.
This sterling silver ritual handwashing cup has inscribed within the final words to the blessing which one recites upon cleansing ones hands prior to partaking in the Sabbath meal.

With alternatives to Malaga and Concord now available,
many people are looking for a silver Kiddush cup that
honors the mitzvah – without sacrificing the taste of
a good wine! The Wine Drop Kiddush Cup, with its delicate
Japanese glass encased by an elegantly tapered silver sheath,
is a sophisticated piece, proving that the merging of tradition
and thoughtful design can be a beautiful thing, indeed.

Please take a moment to examine Sharon's website... I think it will make your world more beautiful!

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