Friday, February 2, 2007

I'm so glad its Friday...

Shabbat is here, Shabbat is here
I'm so glad Shabbat is here.
The candles burning bright.
It's Friday night
I'm so glad Shabbat is here

I can hear my son's preschool singing at Kabbalat Shabbat (not actually our school, but you get the idea).

And in recognition of that song, let's look at some beautiful candlesticks! Naim Basson made these wonderful hand painted on plexiglass and bronze, gold plated candlesticks. They would make such a festive mark on your Shabbat table.

These glass candlesticks by Amalia Flaisher are just stunning... as is the rest of her Judaica.

Have a great, quiet and health weekend. And for those of you in Central Florida... may it be calm and sunny.

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