Friday, January 26, 2007

Match this

When you close your eyes and think about Shabbat what is the first thing you see in your mind? Challah? Wine? Going to Services? I think about lighting candles. My children love to have the candles lit- my older son likes to light them and the younger one loves to blow them out. I am not sure which is more troublesome. To me it is the lighting... I am a little (very) afraid of fire= but we can talk about that when we approach Chanukah.
But what do you need to light candles? Matches! A special item for Shabbat is a box of matches that is specially set aside for lighting the candles. The one above is from the very popular Judaica glass and metal artist Gary Rosenthal. Michoel Muchnik is a Chasidic artist who works in multiple media. Here is his match box cover

And if you are encouraged to make your own beautiful match box cover look here.

Are you looking for a way to carry your housekey and not carry your purse when you go to services? How about a beautiful matchbox amulet! Yes, a wonderful usable pendant that you can use to keep something small and precious (and of course it is made from POLYMER CLAY). This one is from Lisa Pavelka, a Las Vegas artist whom we should be seeing a lot more of!

Good Shabbes to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Gary Rosenthal came to our synagogue in Succasunna , NJ quite a few years ago and we made mezzuzot together. My son David and I each made one for a town in Ukraine (Zvenigorodka) that our synagogue adopted and made a few trips to (I was not able to join them)... delivered the mezzuzot and an ark (carried over in various pieces of wood that were assembled there). We also made one for ourselves .. I have the one David and I made together on the door to my office here at home .. Gary was a truly amazing human being!