Friday, January 19, 2007

Wood you?

I find it amazing that yet another week has passed. Shabbat again. I hope you all enjoyed last week's tzedakah boxes. This week was a good one... not nearly as stressful as last week (long story) but a little wine would be nice. So let's talk kiddush cups. Many religions believe wine to be sacred. Jews thank G'd for creating the fruit which gives us wine, and we thank G'd for the reasons to celebrate with wine. The wood carver Gabriel Bass uses exotic and lucious woods to create his kiddush cups, adding silver or glass as a receptacle for the wine.

I found this on Thursday... a group of Iowa artists who make Judaica as well as furniture, mirrors, boxes and other art for the home. They use birch an poplar as a base for their work... and then add very original painting. Here is a lazy susan they made for the Shabbat table... what a great way to pass the Challah.
Have a peaceful Shabbat.


Kathi said...

wow...those kiddush cups are beautiful. I bet something like this could be done in clay too...

DrMom said...

But of course... can't anything be done in clay... it is the chameleon among media!