Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to wear your tallit

Putting on a tallit is a religious act, one worthy of special ritual and blessings.
*Pick up the tallit and hold it with both hands, one hand at each end of the atarah or ``collar,'' the part of the tallit with the Hebrew words. Spread out the tallit. The Hebrew words should be facing you and be right-side up. At this point, some choose to kiss each end of the atarah. Some talitot have only a decoration and no Hebrew words on the collar.
The Hebrew words on the tallit are the traditional blessing for putting on a tallit.

*Say the blessing.
*Put the tallit over your shoulders, in the fashion one would put on a cape. Make sure the atarah is where a collar should be --- around your neck. The Hebrew words on the atarah should be on the outside.

Now that you know how to don a tallit, don't you want to wear a beautiful one the next time you go to Shabbat services? Look no further than Pomegranate Judaica, the site of Anita Rabinoff-Goldman an artist who works in fabric rather than paint. Anita's work is strong on color and design and one can see that she is inspired by natural and floral themes. Here we see lilies, pomegranates, biblical flowers and birds of paradise... Truly paradise!

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David Gabrieli said...

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