Sunday, January 14, 2007

Burning Bush

I began to investigate the imagery of the Burning Bush since that is the Torah Portion for this week. It is amazing what you can find.

The images were plentiful but many were political... and few were done by Jewish artists. This beautiful wood sculpture is by a Montana artist- who is not Jewish

The piece is large- nearly four feet square- and it took over 300 hours to complete!

Chana Gromer
created this wonderful parochet for the Chabbad of Lauderhills, Florida. She utilized silk screen, metallic pigments, painting, fiber-reactive dyes, silk, velvet, applique, and a satin lining.

One of the thing I love to see is how different artists interpret the same theme. Here, Michael Toree, a sculptor, turns the bush into a teapot. I bet Susan would love this.

"Exploring the contradiction between the hard tough surfaces of clay and the soft sensual fluid form it evokes, ceramist Michael Torre finds inspiration for his work from disparate sources – Renaissance paintings, music and dance from various periods of history. Torre's Burning Bush is visual evidence of this artist's goal to design and create strong imagery derived from religious, spiritual or natural powers. Rather than use bright colored glazes to embellish and distract, Torre leaves the red clay unadorned and entices the viewer to focus on and revel in the rhythmic power between natural and human forms."
- Michael Monroe

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